Cellulite treatment

8 Treatment We do not offer less than 8 treatments for this package, because best results are shown at 8…

Silver Package

5 Slimming Treatments 5 Toning Treatments 5 Facials 5 Brazilian Butt Lift Treatments 5 Breast Lift Treatments Buy Gift Card

Gold Package

8 Slimming Treatments 8 Toning Treatments 8 Facials 8 Brazilian Butt Lift Treatments 8 Breast Lift Treatments Buy Gift Card

Platinum Package

10 Slimming Treatments 10 Toning Treatments 10 Facials 10 Brazilian Butt Lift Treatments 10 Breast Lift Treatments Buy Gift Card

Body Contouring

If you’re looking to remove fat or slow down the aging process this toning treatment is for you. Treatment will…

Double Chin

If you are looking for a non invasive Treatment to get rid of that stubborn jowl or under the chin…


That’s right. This is a facial for your vagina. Perfect for after a Brazillian or before a vacation, or just…

Booty Facial

A facial for your behind. Do you have some blemishes back there? want it brighter? Well, this service is for…

Hydro Oxygen Facial

Descrip is yet to be written.