Indian Head Massage + Neck + Shoulders
$15 deposit prior to your appointment.
 Per: Person
 Price: $40.00

Indian head massage helps in giving relief from the pain in your neck, shoulder, and back. It will stimulate the blood flow in your upper body. This helps in clearing out your sinus as well. Relaxing your muscles by stimulating the blood flow to your upper body will also improve your mental and physical health. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we have experts that will make sure that you have the perfect experience during this service. There are some other things that can be prevented by using this service. Indian head massage prevents itchy and dry scalp. Some of our customers have also noticed a reduction in their hair fall. Improve your mental health and wellness by using our massage services. At Lavish, we offer over 5 different types of massage and you can look them over as well. Choose the one that you like and we will be glad to offer you our service.