Leg and Foot Massage
$15 deposit prior to your appointment.
 Per: Person
 Price: $35.00

Lavish leg and foot massage help in improving your blood circulation. This massage is recommended if you have sudden bursts of pain throughout the day. It can be due to the reason that your muscles are stiff and they lack the proper blood flow. So by using leg and foot massage service, you will get rid of that pain. Sometimes nerve damage and poor circulation of blood cause leg pain and by doing proper leg and foot massage you will save yourself from that issue. If you have old injuries then doing regular or weekly massage can heal those injuries as well. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we have experts that will make sure that you have the perfect experience during this service. At Lavish, we offer over 5 different types of massage and you can look them over as well. Choose the one that you like and we will be glad to offer you our service.