Want To Give Yourself a New Makeover?

We at Lavish Nails / Medi SPA a variety of services that will enhance your beauty and give the makeover you deserve. Our staff is properly trained and they will do their best to give you the best results possible.

Natural Beauty

Face & Body Treatments

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Soul
Day-to-Day tasks in a Healthy Way

Get rid of your stress and muscle ache by using our massage therapy. We offer different types of massage that you can choose from. After the massage therapy, you will feel relaxed and we will do our best to treat your muscle ache. We offer 5 different types of massage therapy.
Enhance the beauty of your nails. It’s time to make them long and shiny again. Our nail service includes extensions, nail art, manicure, and pedicure. Acrylic to shellac, we offer all different kinds of nail extensions that will make your nails look great again.
Clean your skin let your pores breathe again. Keeping your skin clear is very important if you want to stay away from acne and oily skin. A facial helps to keep your skin clean and tidy. We offer deep cleansing, anti-aging, and classic facials to make your skin look glowy and fresh.


Luxury Spa Premium Services

Half Legs Get your unwanted hair removed
by our waxing service.
$20 Half Arms Every bit of hair is removed off from your
lower leg area starting from your knees.
$26 Full Back In our full back wax, every bit of hair is removed
from your shoulder line to your waist.
$22 Full Arms In full arm wax, every bit of hair is removed
from the top of your shoulder line to the wrists.
$26 Full Legs Every bit of hair is removed from the
top of your thigh to the ankle
$35 In Bikini line wax, every bit of hair is removed
from the front and sides of your bikini area.
Bikini Line $20
Long Nails Get that Matte look on your nails, use our nail art
service to paint and decorate your nails.
$5 Matte top-coat Give those long nails the creativity
they deserve,use our nail art service.
$5 Swarovski Design Enhance the beauty of your nails by using
Swarovski design.
$5 Nail Design Tweak up your nails by choosing our
nail design service.
$5 Decals Now being adopted by nail art aficionados.
Gradient color combinations
$8 Use our nail art service to paint and
decorate your nails.
Chrome Design $5
Chin Remove your unwanted hair by our special
threading technique that is pain-free
$15 Eye Brows When a female have this issue then
things can get messy.
$6 Cheeks / Side Burns All the unwanted hair around your cheeks area
will be removed with perfection.
$10 Upper Lip Our expert staff will make sure that you walk
out satisfied with our service.
$5 Neck If you have overgrown hair around your neck
area then you should use this service.
$9 Get your face neat, clean, and free from all that
unwanted hair after using our threading service
Forehead $8
Shellac Pedicure Get your nails fixed by using our
pedicure service.
$28 Classic Pedicure It’s important that you take proper
care of your nails.
$40 Paraffin Treatment Our paraffin treatment will help in
making your skin soft and subtle.
$15 Deluxe Pedicure Your nails will look shiny and sparkly.
It’s never too late to fix your nails
$35 Shellac French add-on Mixing Regular french with shellac treatment
will give your nails sparkly look
$5 It contains scrubbing, polishing, moisturizing,
and cleaning of your old nails.
Shellac Polish Change $20
Shellac Manicure Get your nails fixed by using our
manicure service.
$18 Classic Manicure Lavish Nails believes in perfect
customer satisfaction.
$30 French Manicure Our technician will buff and file your nails. $22 Deluxe Manicure Those who don’t take proper care of their nails
often suffer from broken nails and nails fungus.
$25 Detoxifying Manicure Our detoxifying manicure will help to
detox your body through the hands.
$25 Our experts will make sure that you have the best
experience of your life at the Lavish Nails / Medi SPA.
Shelalc Polish Change $18
“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”
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Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Day-to-Day tasks in a Healthy Way.