Our professionals can extend your eyelashes so naturally and seamlessly, nobody will know you received a little help from your friends at Lavish. The application is safe, painless, and relaxing. The extensions are precision applied to individual eyelashes hair by hair, not leaving any clumping. The long-lasting result will have you feeling beautiful and more confident in your overall appearance.

We are also now professionally certified to provide Xtreme Lashes, the latest, most advanced technology that provides semi-permanent eyelashes. Our stylists who perform this procedure are credentialed health and beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous, comprehensive, hands-on training. During this pain-free procedure, you will relax in one of our private rooms with your eyes closed throughout the application, which many women describe as their “midday beauty rest.”


Classic Full Set

The classic set is one individual extension applied to one natural lash. We apply up to 30 lashes per eye. Fullness and thickness is dependent on the amount of natural lashes you have.


Volume Lash Set

These super light extensions, consisting of anywhere from 3-6 extensions are hand crafted into an individual “fan” that are carefully attached to a single natural lash.


Lash Removal

Eyelash removal is a very delicate process that should be done under proper care. There are various lash services that add volume and length to your eyelash and you can remove them on your own.

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